Why Does My Cat Have White Worms?

Not a substitute for professional veterinary help Few attractions are as alarming as well as downright gross to cat parents as white worms White worms are frequently known as tapeworms says Dr Kathryn Dench MA VetMB and Chief Veterinary Advisor at Paw Origins

Tapeworms appear as small white rice like segments proglottids as well as can also be found on your cat s poop round their butt and even on their fur or bedding

Early detection of worms is critical as a result of those parasites can result in vital health issues similar to weight loss diarrhea lethargy as well as anemia Dr Dench says

We spoke with veterinary experts in regards to the causes signs therapies and prevention pointers for white worms in cats Table of ContentsCommonality Symptoms Causes Types Treatments Prevention Are White Worms in Cats Common

Though these wiggly worms are nasty they are not unusual as well as easy to treat Kittens generally tend to get worms extra given that their immune systems are still growing says Dr Sara Ochoa DVM a vet contributor to Hound Games

Luckily early remedy reduces the danger of passing worms to different pets and humans Dr Dench explains youngsters may inadvertently ingest flea eggs sporting tapeworm larvae Do certain cat breeds get white worms

Dr Stacie Atria DVM CVA CVMMP CVTP owner at Lotus Veterinary Alternatives says no cat breed is more liable to worms However outside cats and the ones from prime infested areas are at upper possibility What Are the Symptoms of White Worms

According to Drs Dench Ochoa as well as Atria signs of white worms include Soft stool Scooting or licking of the anal space Vomiting Diarrhea Weight loss Swollen abdomen a potbelly look in kittens What Causes White Worms in Cats

The primary explanation for white worms is fleas However our vets say different reasons include Eating fleas wearing tapeworm larvae i E all over grooming Contact with infected soil or feces roundworms and hookworms Eating inflamed rodents Eating raw or undercooked meat

Dr Atria says holding your cat flea unfastened and your house clean is helping cut back the possibilities of an infection What Types of White Worms Can Cats Have

There are different types of white worms cats can get Although their colour could also be equivalent they would possibly not percentage the similar motive or other characteristics like size or vicinity

Cats may have the next forms of white worms Flea tapeworm Dipylidium caninum Dr Dench says this is the most common form of white trojan horse Flea tapeworms are tiny rice like flat as well as one region inch long They re situated in poop and near the tail as well as butthole Rodent tapeworm Taenia taeniaeformis Meanwhile rodent tapeworms are less common Cats get these by means of eating inflamed rodents They seem as small white segments and are positioned within the intestines Roundworm Toxocara cati Roundworms seem like cooked spaghetti as well as are 3 5 inches long They can also be discovered in the intestines Hookworm Ancylostoma spp Hookworms seem like threads and grow not up to half an inch long They re discovered alongside the intestinal wall Fox tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis Dr Dench says fox tapeworms are rare but severe They re lower than 5 mm long as well as cats get them from different animals like sheep as well as rodents How Do You Treat White Worms

If you notice worms in your kitty s poop or near their rear don t panic As unsightly as they are they can easily be handled with the help of your vet

Dr Dench says prescription dewormers such as Praziquantel and Epsiprantel are highly efficient A dditionally while house remedies is also tempting to take a look at she recommends guidance clear to make sure a secure a success remedy

Various home treatments prompt on the internet such as pumpkin seeds garlic or apple cider vinegar are ineffective as well as doubtlessly bad she explains

Worried in regards to the value of endured parasite prevention or remedy in your cat Pet insurance coverage can cover veterinary expenses as well as will let you save money the entire while your pet has get entry to to medical care

IStock Alina Bitta Are White Worms Preventable

The excellent information is that we can lend a hand save you our cats from getting white worms Dr Atria says fighting white worms requires a 3 step motion plan together with A common deworming schedule Effective flea keep watch over Consistent hygiene regimen

Additionally she says flea collars oral medicine and topical remedies are effective

Lastly Dr Dench recommends the usage of vet approved flea preventatives robotically even if you do not see fleas on your cat She says combating your cat from hunting too can lend a hand scale back the chance of them getting parasites

Whatever prevention methods you use all the time communicate on your vet to select the most productive ones in your cat

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