This Refreshing One-Bowl Peanut-Avocado Chaat Salad Packs A Citrus Twist

Close BannerAdvertisementThis advert is displayed using third celebration content material and we do not control its accessibility options RecipesThis Refreshing One Bowl Peanut Avocado Chaat Salad Packs A Citrus TwistAuthor Palak Patel June 02 2024By Palak PatelImage via Adam MillironJune 02 2024 Peanut Avocado Chaat Salad Chaat is a method of boulevard food identified best possible for its symphony of crispy tangy candy and spicy components which are both warming and cooling The base recipe for chaat in most cases is composed of cooked items like samosas or unlikely substances like avocados or uncooked mangoes These function a canvas for the myriad fresh toppings as well as condiments that are added together with tamarind mint and cilantro spread over the crispy base This fast peanut chaat is really easy to make it s like a chaat chopped salad Serves 2 to four Image through Palak Patel Ingredients 2 cups salted roasted peanuts½ cup diced cherry tomatoes1 avocado pitted peeled as well as diced1 small crimson onion minced1 serrano chili minced take away seeds for less heat 1 teaspoon chaat masala1 teaspoon floor cumin¼ cup chopped fresh cilantroJuice of one lime about 2 tablespoons Kosher salt2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds for garnish optional 1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint for garnish non compulsory Method In a big bowl combine the peanuts tomatoes avocado onion serrano chili chaat masala cumin cilantro and lime juice Season with salt to style and let take a seat for 10 minutes so the flavors meld If favored garnish with pomegranate seeds as well as mint sooner than serving Reprinted from Food Is Love via arrangement with Harvest an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers Copyright 2024 Palak Patel

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