This Longevity Tool Transforms Your Living Room Into A Sauna

Close BannerAdvertisementThis ad is displayed the usage of 3rd birthday celebration content material as well as we don t control its accessibility options Integrative HealthI Tried The Sunlighten Solo For Two Months My Honest ReviewAuthor Braelyn Wood May 31 2024mbg Deputy Commerce EditorBy Braelyn Woodmbg Deputy Commerce EditorBraelyn Wood is the Deputy Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen She has a B S In journalism from Northwestern University at the side of a certificate in advertising and marketing Image via Sunlighten mbg creativeMay 31 2024We in moderation vet all products and services featured on mindbodygreen using our trade guidelines Our choices are never stimulated through the commissions earned from our hyperlinks Saunas are without equal toughness device Research shows intentional warmth publicity from saunas can boost cardiovascular well being as well as immunity as well as beef up mood and psychological health But let s face it Who really has area for a complete sized sauna of their house And whilst infrared sauna blankets are the entire rage presently they do not make me sweat as much as I need at the same time as a naturally sweaty person Then Sunlighten presented to ship over a testing sample of its Solo System The transportable infrared sauna has five infrared heaters that heat the dome up to a hundred and fifty levels Fahrenheit and there may be even optional chromotherapy or colour remedy Unlike different transportable saunas Sunlighten s layout in fact compares to its full sized counterparts yet it still takes up less house than a cloth wardrobe Now I have had my Sunlighten Solo System for just about two months which has given me abundant time to test out the unique features of the portable design Here s my honest tackle all the professionals as well as cons of the instrument plus who must make the splurge How I tested the Sunlighten SoloI used the Sunlighten Solo in my condominium in Brooklyn New York for two months I set it up on wood floors over a yoga mat or my bed for every session I opted to put on exercise clothes or a washing suit to inspire even more sweat Sunlighten Solo System 2699BUY NOW What is Sunlighten Sunlighten is an infrared sauna logo that launched in 1998 As a pace setter in the house the company has 23 world patents for various era and designs Currently the brand provides four designs the ultra luxe mPulse Smart Sauna the juiced up Amplify Full Spectrum Sauna the Signature Far Infrared Sauna and the Solo System All four designs characteristic the logo s patented SoloCarbon infrared panels which emit optimal far infrared waves at near easiest emissivity 99 that means your body can absorb top quality and amount infrared In truth the brand s mPulse Smart Sauna provides 4 wavelengths far mid close to infrared as well as purple mild from a single source Typically you need a unique supply for every infrared wavelength because of their differing frequencies This three in one layout isn t just solely unique to the logo but in addition has further elements to increase the sauna s emissivity or talent to emit infrared power This contains the brand s distinctive SoloCarbon coating a black ceramic pigment and copper chromium What that implies for you These infrared saunas are highly efficient FYISunlighten owns the overall manufacturing as well as layout process How is the Sunlighten Solo System made The very best technique to describe the Solo System is sort of a massive cocoon it envelops your frame with a plush reminiscence foam base and sturdy arched dome This calls for elements the Solo Dome as well as the SoloPad Each part has no less than 4 digital heaters that heat your frame from each angle and I imply every attitude You ll really feel the warmth from the tips of your toes to the small of your again The gadget arrives in a large box across the measurement of your stove but it contains all parts as well as equipment like the SoloPad cowl Everything used to be sparsely packed with bubblewrap to verify there were not any transport snafus Image through Braelyn Wood mbg inventive My first influence The Solo System is shockingly heavy The domes weigh forty six kilos whilst the pad weighs any other thirteen This places the entire weight at just below 60 pounds for the gadget However when I realized simply how a lot era was tucked into each part I used to be stunned that they did not weigh more Here s why Solo Dome Image by means of Braelyn Wood mbg inventive The Solo Dome can simply be deemed the piece de resistance of this transportable sauna It has 5 virtual heaters which may also be adjusted the use of the Coconut Controller The domes are split into heating zones which allows you to regulate the temperature of both the upper as well as bottom panel one by one I discovered this beneficial since the bottom of the dome often were given warmer than the top of it due to exterior air Additionally the domes are liable for the not obligatory chromotherapy You have the choice of sixteen colours at four brightness ranges My personal favorite used to be the purple which felt like a sensory reminder of the warmth and violet for relaxation Pro tip If you wish to have to save cash you can buy simply the Dome without the SoloPad then again you ll be able to fail to see the perks below SoloPad Image by way of Braelyn Wood mbg ingenious Also available separately the SoloPad has an additional four infrared warmers encased in an opulent memory foam The digital controller means that you can choose from nine heat settings with a 12 hour timer I discovered the pad helped lock in warmth from all angles while additionally offering an opulent place to lie with ease right through my sessions Plus I liked the use of it one at a time from the dome on days after I didn t want to really feel encased through the entire dome but still wanted to take part in heat treatment Sunlighten Solo System 2699BUY NOW My enjoy testing the Sunlighten Solo System I was once hooked the very first time I used the Sunlighten Solo System as well as it isn t laborious to look why With 9 warmers spread all over the device it heats temporarily as well as successfully As somebody who s vulnerable to sweating I expected to sweat a lot from the use of this system however I used to be stunned by means of how temporarily my toes face and decrease back started dripping sweat And sure I do imply dripping This extra sweat made me extraordinarily thankful for the Celliant SoloPad cowl The SoloPad is technically coated in a stain resistant nontoxic subject material but I didn t love the idea of my sweat sticking around in the end The absorbent cover provided the cushions with a layer of protection from sweat whilst also boosting the efficiency of the sauna Its heat reactive subject material transforms body warmth again into infrared power Image by means of mbg creative What I cherished about the Sunlighten System The dome layout and even distribution of heaters mean this moveable sauna feels just as warm as its full sized opposite numbers You in fact sweat while you use this system which is very important to a detox protocol I find it extra environment friendly than any infrared sauna blanket I have used Sunlighten puts a huge emphasis on non toxic materials and I do not fret approximately EMFs after I m using my Solo System It s compact The domes slide into one some other to take in even less area with the SoloPad fitting snuggly into the domes The heaters may also be managed one at a time so I can in point of fact personalize my sauna consultation If my ft are feeling too heat I can flip down the depth without impacting the temperature of my higher body It s more energy environment friendly than its complete sized opposite numbers requiring just 1 260W of energy to run the Solo Dome as well as 300W for the SoloPads What I would trade concerning the Sunlighten System Bigger bodied people would possibly fight to fit into the Solo Dome If you ll be able to t lie at the Solo Pad without parts of your frame trickling over the brink then the Dome would possibly really feel uncomfortable or tight to you The complete setup is rather heavy at 60 pounds This approach it may be tougher for some folks to move the system around although it s essential to go for a extra everlasting setup to your area It does not cowl your head but it isn t truly designed to Sure you may not sweat as a lot but you additionally would possibly not handle warmth injury on your hair like a few other people enjoy with complete sized infrared saunas Basic Info Sunlighten Solo System Dimensions 69 x 28 x 18 Solo Dome sixty nine x 23 6 x 4 SoloPad Max Temperature 150 levels FahrenheitWeight forty six pounds Solo Domes 13 pounds SoloPad Power 120V 1260W Solo Domes 120v 300W SoloPad Materials Bamboo carbon Dome Pad Pillow Celliant Cotton Pad Cover Curtain Cost Starts at 2 699 Sunlighten Solo System 2699BUY NOW FAQSunlighten Solo vs Infrared Sauna Blanket I recently own each the Sunlighten Solo and the Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket While the sauna blanket is more compact I ll say the Sunlighten Solo feels so much warmer than the blanket I choose using the Solo because it doesn t immediately contact my body which may also be uncomfortable if you end up sweating Plus the design feels more sanitary than the sauna blanket How sizzling is the Sunlighten solo sauna The Sunlighten Solo heats as much as one hundred fifty levels Fahrenheit How a lot electrical energy does a Sunlighten sauna use The Sunlighten Solo uses slightly below 2 000 watts of power This is much less energy than an air conditioner but greater than a fridge Does the SoloPad harm floors I was therefore excited to use my Solo System that I did not read the directions fully ahead of putting in place the sauna The brand recommends hanging the SoloPad on a mattress or yoga mat since the cushion s heaters are on the backside of it I placed the SoloPad immediately on my flooring as well as did not realize any injury after one consultation However I ve followed the brand s instructions ever on account that The takeaway If you want a portable infrared sauna that actually supplies in opposition to its complete sized opposite numbers then you can t move mistaken with the Sunlighten Solo The nontoxic design effectively warms as much as one hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit which is powerful enough to make you drip sweat after each consultation Plus it simply shops away among makes use of to keep your residing house usable

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