This $5,000+ Product Is The Best Thing I Did For My Health This Year — Here's Why

Close BannerAdvertisementThis ad is displayed the use of third birthday celebration content material as well as we don t control its accessibility options RecoveryPolar Monkeys Review My Unfiltered Take On The Brainpod 2 0 After 2 MonthsAuthor Ciara Ciez June 08 2024mindbodygreen Paid Media Marketing ManagerBy Ciara Ciezmindbodygreen Paid Media Marketing ManagerCiara is the Paid Media Marketing Manager at mindbodygreen Image by means of Ciara Ciez mbg creativeJune 08 2024We carefully vet all products and services featured on mindbodygreen using our commerce guidelines Our picks are by no means prompted through the commissions earned from our hyperlinks My spouse and I never combat to get in our daily motion He walks about 20 000 steps according to day at his job whilst I usually take on nightly runs Lagree reformer classes or power coaching sessions after work But up to we love staying active our bodies really feel the price I spend no less than 20 mins with a heating pad on my knees each and every night time whilst he struggles with foot and back pain So when a possibility to do a Polar Monkeys cold plunge bathtub evaluation seemed we jumped on the probability to be testers Cold plunges reason blood vessels to constrict which is able to cut back swelling as well as inflammation in the frame And that s just the start of chilly plunge advantages analysis links cold water exposure to a stronger immune system1 advanced mood2 better metabolic health3 as well as more restful sleep Eager to see whether or not a chilly plunge bath could solve our body aches we began plunging day by day in the Polar Monkey s bathtub Two months later I can optimistically say this bath is likely one of the best issues I have executed for my health And my aforementioned knee pain It s solely gone Polar Monkeys Brainpod 2 0BUY NOW Our checking out processMy partner and I chilly plunged nightly for 2 months after work I spend three mins within the bathtub while my spouse does four mins at 50 degrees Fahrenheit What is Polar Monkeys A fast seek of the most productive chilly plunge tubs unveils an extended checklist of manufacturers with most of the models appearing inside the final 12 months Polar Monkeys is an exception we initially incorporated the emblem in our original chilly plunge bath information in 2021 Now the company offers four tub models the Brainpod 2 0 five 980 Portal 2 0 4 350 Cyber Plunge 7 one hundred as well as Star Treatment 2 Zero five 990 At least two designs are to be had for business use which means that a more tough chiller and a correlating value increase Regardless of your most popular tub form as well as material your order will include the emblem s 0 Eight HP Pro chiller which both heats and cools water If you want a higher drift charge for a extra efficient plunge you ll be able to opt for the 1 HP chiller as an alternative Cyber Plunge 6700BUY NOWBUY NOW Brainpod 2 0 5980BUY NOWBUY NOW Star Treatment 2 Zero 5590BUY NOWBUY NOW Portal 2 0 4350BUY NOWBUY NOW RELATED Polar Monkeys vs Plunge How These Two Popular Tubs Compare What you want to know concerning the Brainpod 2 0 While Polar Monkeys offered a couple of other models I might labeled the Brainpod 2 0 as their mid tier choice i E The most efficient bang to your greenback Unlike the Portal 2 Zero the acrylic bathtub is fully insulated This helps stay your water cool or warm to stay your water on the optimum temperature without wasting electricity Designed for both indoor as well as out of doors use the graceful tub is comparable to the Plunge s unique design though far more affordable Available in a few other designs including artist made prints he bathtub has a contemporary silhouette with underwater lighting Image by means of Ciara Ciez mbg ingenious Polar Monkeys Brainpod 2 Zero HighlightsTub dimensions sixty seven x 31 5 x 23 5 inchesChiller 0 Eight HP with scorching chilly functions or 1 HP coolingHolds eighty five gallons of waterWeight 110 pounds empty 568 kilos filledElectric 120V 60hz power supplyWarranty 1 12 months chillerTub subject material AcrylicTemperature range 37 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit Setting up the Polar Monkeys Plunge Tub Setting up the Brainpod 2 Zero was once unbelievably easy the logo says it is going to take about 15 minutes but I would argue it takes even much less When the bathtub is added it is on a palette regardless that it simplest weighs 110 kilos when empty My spouse and I could simply transfer the tub to our favored region on the facet of the yard From there we merely had to fill the bathtub as well as plug it in We arrange the sensible app straightaway which allows us to control the temperature whilst we are not at home We paid shut attention to where we would have liked to place the chiller It s now not water resistant so we purchased an air conditioner cover to assist stay it secure against the weather We also opted to turn the tub off between makes use of to conserve energy We love how temporarily the chiller works it cools water to our desired temperature of fifty degrees Fahrenheit inside of 20 minutes even within the sizzling Nashville heat Image via Ciara Ciez mbg ingenious SummaryAlthough the durable bathtub is made with acrylic it weighs simply one hundred ten pounds as well as is straightforward to transport round your yard Plus it plugs into a normal 120V plug no further electrical energy or plumbing vital My revel in checking out the Polar Monkeys Brainpod 2 0 Following the advice of Stacy Sims PhD I opted to set the cold plunge bath to 50 levels Fahrenheit We began by way of plunge for only one minute in keeping with day till running ourselves up to 3 minutes me and four minutes my spouse At 5 2 I discovered the bathtub was once the perfect duration for me to comfortably living room all the way through my three minute dip My 6 three boyfriend struggled moderately to totally submerge either his knees or shoulder need to be out of the water Editor s note The brand recommends the tub for those up to 6 2 We had been pleasantly shocked via how easy it used to be to stay full underwater whilst sprawling out Some cold plunge tubs purpose your body to boost or upward thrust out of the water but it used to be easy to stay comfortable as well as reclined While it was once brutal being used to the water I ve found it s gotten easier with time and we re still taking part in with ways to increase our time spent within the water While we mostly use the bathtub at night time to fortify restoration we ve got extensively utilized it a few times after weddings to assist with hangovers Although now not it is primary function we ve been surprised at how briefly it is helping repair your frame and kill a hangover headache After plunging within the bath for the past two months I have a few key takeaways The bath is terribly roomy and the insulated wall and foam cowl do a fantastic job of keeping the water cool among makes use of The ozone sanitizer as well as water filtration do an exquisite job of holding out small debris As discussed we wouldn t have a cover for our tub as well as these components work together to keep the water feeling contemporary We re still in surprise at how temporarily the chiller works As discussed we do not stay the unit on 24 7 as well as instead turn it on approximately 30 minutes earlier than our nightly chilly plunge My body feels so much higher after incorporating the Brainpod 2 0 into my routine I ve not handiest stopped doing scorching treatment on my knees at night time but the arthritis on my palms has not reappeared considering the fact that I started plunging Image through Ciara Ciez mbg creative Maintaining the Polar Monkey Brainpod 2 0 Let s face it Water repairs is solely part of having a cold plunge bathtub Luckily Polar Monkeys makes it improbable easy Not only does the chiller have a integrated water filtration machine however the brand provides a sanitizing package that makes repairs so easy The 6 month package costs 169 as well as includes sanitizer oxidizer take a look at strips as well as two pH balancing solutions This lets you keep up a right kind protocol with out constantly changing your water That being stated we have discovered that hanging our cold plunge bath outdoors way we incessantly drag in dust and different particles We ve had to drain our tub a few occasions to get out those unwanted debris The bathtub s drain is true in the middle of the tub which is great for fast as well as whole drainage but it also way the water floods a suite house In hindsight we would like we d ve factored in the location of the tub with the drain in thoughts Finally the water simplest stays blank with proper filtration a 3 p C Of filters will run about 19 or 6 per 30 days I extremely counsel converting those per thirty days Image through Ciara Ciez mbg ingenious How much do Polar Monkeys tubs price Polar Monkeys tubs get started at four 350 and go as much as 7 one hundred for the brand s luxurious chrome steel layout The Brainpod 2 0 is simply a mid tier choice as well as the brand s signature providing with a starting worth of 5 580 All cold plunges are to be had with 24 month financing with 0 APR immediately from the emblem The tubs also are HSA as well as FSA eligible by the use of Truemed Polar Monkeys guaranty transport returns All Polar Monkeys ship free inside of one to 2 weeks of your ordering And yes international transport is available Every type includes a 1 12 months restricted guaranty which covers workmanship as well as subject material defects You can purchase additional protection immediately from the brand with either a three year protection plan 461 or five 12 months plan 767 It s worth noting Polar Monkeys has a 15 restocking rate for returns This covers the return delivery processing as well as checking out by means of the logo Be warned Your product must be in its authentic condition and packaging There aren t any refunds for accessories or supplies Comparing Polar Monkeys models ProductCostMaterialInsulatedGood forWeight FilledGallonsPortal 2 Zero 4750Galvanized steelNoOutdoor1000125Brainpod 2 Zero 5980AcrylicYesIndoor Outdoor56885Star Treatment 2 0 5990Stainless steelYesIndoor Outdoor1050110Cyber Plunge 7100Stainless steelYesIndoor Outdoor1515140 The takeaway Aches and pains have been simply a part of my day to day lifestyles earlier than I were given my Polar Monkeys Tub I plunge for 3 mins day to day as well as experience approach less inflammation together with fewer arthritis flare ups This lets in me to push myself more difficult in exercises as well as I do them extra often The spacious bathtub provides enough space for me to completely sprawl out as well as the tough 0 8HP chiller is strong enough to chill down the water with 20 minutes of turning it on even within the Nashville heat My handiest be apologetic about Not getting a tub quicker Polar Monkeys Brainpod 2 0BUY NOW

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