The Best Celebrity Dog Names

Celebrities They re much like us in a few ways at the least

The rich as well as famous love puppies too and celebrity dog names range from traditional to sweet to downright humorous

For destiny canine discern thought as well as just for amusing we ve got compiled some lists of a number of our favourite cool canine names consisting of names celebrities have given their dogs and names of puppies who are famous themselves Celebrity Names For Female Dogs

Here are 29 names celebrities have given their girl puppies Nugget Katy Perry Luna Moona Martha Stewart Empress Qin Martha Stewart Darla Vanessa Hudgens Allegra Hugh Jackman Pilaf Demi Moore Piggy Lou Justin as well as Hailey Beiber Penny Blake Lively Chrissy Teigen Asia Lady Gaga Oprah Eva Longoria 50 Cent Foxy Matthew McConaughey Bella Rob Lowe Isaboo Rachael Ray Poppy Sandra Bullock Bambi Paris Hilton Tinkerbell Paris Hilton Flossie Drew Barrymore Tina Jessica Biel Mona Jennifer Love Hewitt Lauren Oprah Winfrey Sadie Oprah Winfrey Babu Adam Sandler Scout Selma Blair Pearl Lea Michele Billie Ryan Reynolds Dot Zooey Deschanel Zelda Zoey Deschanel Winnie Selena Gomez Bess Sienna Miller Celebrity Names For Male Dogs

Here are 25 names celebrities have given their male dogs Shark Billie Eilish Nash P Nk Matzo Ball Adam Sandler Meatball Adam Sandler Louie Adele Oscar Justin and Hailey Beiber Bo Barack Obama Tucker Charlize Theron Bronco Russell Wilson Ciara Norman Jennifer Aniston Brando Hailee Steinfeld Augie Ellen DeGeneres Max Martha Stewart Ghenghis Khan Martha Stewart Atticus Finch Jake Gyllenhaal Boo Radley Jake Gyllenhaal Finn Amanda Seyfried Logan Christina Ricci Juelz Broadus Snoop Dogg Chalk Snoop Dogg Dali Hugh Jackman Brutus Dwayne The Rock Johnson Anton Heidi Klum Thurman Murman Rachel Bilson Vincent Wiz Khalifa Famous Dogs

Here are 25 famous puppies Boo This social media superstar changed into called the World s Cutest Dog Scooby Doo The titular person of the animated tv collection Scooby Doo Where Are You Scooby Doo is simply a Great Dane who solves mysteries with his human buddies Toto Dorothy s devoted Cairn Terrier in The Wizard of Oz Pluto One of Disney s maximum famous dog characters Bolt A White Swiss Shepherd from the lively film of the equal call Giant George This Great Dane held the file of tallest dog from 2010 2012 with a top of 3 feet 7 inches tall Beethoven A Mischievous St Bernard from the film Beethoven Benji This blended breed dog starred within the 1974 movie of the equal call Snoopy This famous Beagle is thought from the comic strip Peanuts Sparky The bulldog called Guard Dog in Patrick McDonnell s Mutts comic strip was rescued from a life tethered on a series as well as renamed Sparky in honor of Peanuts cartoonist Charles M Schulz Clifford You may know this big red dog from the kid s e book series by means of Norman Bridwell Dug This canine is one of the main characters in the movie Up Bruiser This Chihuahua become Elle Woods puppy within the movie Legally Blonde Moonie This dog performed the role of Bruiser in Legally Blonde Hercules the Beast This dog became within the film The Sandlot Eddie The sassy Jack Russell Terrier from the tv sitcom Frasier Moose The canine who played Eddie in Frasier Marley This is the call of the yellow Labrador inside the ebook as well as movie Marley Me Nana The Newfoundland from the e book Peter Pan Togo A sled canine who introduced diptheria medicinal drug to Nome Alaska in 1925 Comet The Golden Retriever inside the sitcom Full House Ana This Golden Retriever turned into the primary of 300 seek dogs who spoke back to the World Trade Center following the Sep 11 terrorist attacks Bretagne The final surviving search dog who worked at Ground Zero Elwood This Chinese Crested Chihuahua gained the World s Ugliest Dog contest in 2007 Faith This two legged dog discovered to walk upright

Thankful Photography via iStock Funny And Punny Celebrity Dog Names

Have some fun together with your new dog s call with these 25 playful and punny celebrity inspired tips Charles Barkley Winnie the Pooch Katy Pawry Bark Obama Snarls Barkley Mutt Damon Jim Barksons LL Drool J Fuzz Aldrin Ozzy Pawsbourne Dumbledog Virginia Woof Anderson Pooper Brad Sitt Lick Jagger Harry Pawter Deputy Dawg Mary Puppins Jabba the Mutt Weenie Cooper Ruth Bader Ginsbark Jude Paw Chewbarka Bone Jovi Salvador Dogi K pop as well as Korean Celeb Inspired Dog Names

Celebrate your love of K pop as well as Korean popular culture with those 25 Korean superstar names Chanyeol Park Chanyeol from EXO Tak singer Young Tak Jisoo Kim Jisoo from Blackpink Jennie Jennie Kim from Blackpink Lisa Lalisa Manoban from Blackpink Ros eacute Roseanne Park from Blackpink Taeyong Lee Taeyong from NCT Jungkook Jeon Jungkook from BTS Jimin Park Jimin from BTS Suga degree name of Min Yoongi from BTS Gong actor Gong Yoo Minho singer Jang Minho Song actress Song Hye kyo Park actress Park Eun Bin Joy Park Soo young from Red Velvet Kai Kim Jong in from EXO Lee actor Lee Min ho V Kim Taehyung from BTS HyunA Kim Hyun ah Baekhyun Byun Baek hyun from EXO Psy singer Lisa Lalisa Manobal Min football megastar Son Heung Min Sydney Korean American actor Sydney Park Jin singer songwriter Bollywood and Indian Celeb Inspired Dog Names

These 25 names are stimulated through the way of life of India which includes Bollywood song dance as well as fashion Salman Bollywood famous person Salman Khan Satya Microsoft govt Satya Nadella Aamir Bollywood big name Aamir Khan Shah Shah Rukh Kahn called SRK Bollywood megastar Ajay Ajay Devgan Bollywood actor Priyanka actress and singer Priyanka Chopra Jonas Rahman Oscar triumphing composter A R Rahman Nehru First Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru Ravi sitarist Ravi Shankar Mindy Indian American actress Mindy Kaling Satya Microsoft govt Satya Nadella Bindra Abinav Bindra the first Indian to win an character Olympic Gold Metal Rushdie creator Salman Rushdie Alia Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt Baba Hindu saint Sai Baba Anushka actress Anushka Shetty Kal Indian American actor Kal Penn Raj Rajesh Koothrappali individual on The Big Bang Theory Chunky actor Chunky Pandey Darsheel baby megastar Darsheel Safary Dimple actress Dimple Kapadia Tejasswi TV actress Tejasswi Prakash Disha movie actress and version Disha Patani Kriti model and actress Kriti Sanon Baichung football superstar Baichung Bhutia UK Celebrity Inspired Dog Names

Here are 29 UK inspired canine names from movies records and royalty Elizabeth Harry William Ed Ozzy Darwin Camille Emma Kate Ewan John Tilda Gordon Hugh Anthony Lord Byron Beckham Adele Mick Daniel Julie Winston Diana Henry Bowie Arthur Tolkien Bono Styles Did You Know Classic film domestic dogs Lassie Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart have stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Mark Zuckerberg as well as Priscilla Chan s Puli Beast participated in the couple s 2012 wedding ceremony strolling Chan down the aisle Amanda Seyfried s dog Finn has his very own social media account Popular puppies amongst celebs include the Chihuahua Yorkie as well as Labrador Retriever Dogs are the most popular presidential puppy with 33 out of forty five presidents having as a minimum one canine James K Polk and Donald Trump are the handiest presidents that did not have a pet A book written about Portuguese Water Dog Bo Obama is entitled Bo America s Commander in Leash Rover Knows Pet Names

As puppy fanatics via as well as via Rover has the scoop on what humans are naming their pets We have a ardour for all matters cat names as well as love assisting pet mother and father select their canine s perfect name For over a decade we ve got collected pet names from Rover s database of thousands and thousands of pets The names you find right here are not randomly generated We preserve our lists up to date to healthy the traits inside as well as from our personal puppy determine community

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