French Guiana Visa

French Guiana Visa

French Guiana is an foreign places vicinity of France However even though it is part of France if you are a citizen of a country in this listing If you aren t on that listing and are going for tourism or commercial enterprise functions there is no want to get a visa before you travel you continue to have to get a separate visa for French Guiana for tourism or enterprise functions A Schengen visa will now not allow you to in French Guiana

What this means is that in case you are as an example travelling through Europe and then onward to French Guiana you ll want to get BOTH a Schengen visa as well as a special visa for French Guiana

As stated here if you are coming to French Guiana for any purpose other than simple antique tourism or business motives you will want to get a visa before you move 8230 which you may get at an embassy or consulate of France

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