Best French Dog Names

Whether you are French yourself or are in reality trying to find the best call in your French canine breed you ve got come to the right region

We ve decided on our favorite French dog names via digging via our Rover Com database of dog names national as well as doing masses of outside studies

Naming your canine is just the start of your adventure collectively so use your imagination and have a laugh Vive los angeles France Table of ContentsFemale Dog Names Male Dog Names Strong Names Cute Names Unique Names Sweet Names Frenchie Names Names A Z Did You Know Rover Knows Pet Names More Dog Names Best French Names For Female Dogs

Here are 27 woman French dog names Adele Ami Antoinette Babette Bardot Bernadine Brigette Camille Celine Cezanne Chanel Charlotte Cherie Chloe Clementine Cosette Danielle Delphine Eloise Fleur Giselle Helene Juliette Kiki Paris Sophie Violetta Best French Names For Male Dogs

Here are 21 male French dog names Andre Adrian Asterix Beau Bleu Dior Fabrice Francis Henri Hugo Jacques Kylian Louis Luc Matisse Milou Monet Pascal Pierre Remy Tintin

Tatu234 thru Flickr Strong French Dog Names

Here are 21 names for large as well as powerful dogs or ones who dream massive Anatole sunrise Annette Avril Beaufort Blanche Bonaparte Claude Etienne crown Beire stout Bruno Fort or Forte robust Costaude or Costaud beefy Gaston Heloise well known warrior Ingrid Jacqueline Jeanne Lafayette Marcelle Theoren hunter Triomphe triumph Cute French Dog Names

Here are 13 names for adorable domestic dogs Amelie Baguette Brie Chouchou puppy Lilou lily L eacute onie lion Mimi Odie Papillon butterfly Petit e Thea gift of God Titou Tulipe tulip Unique French Dog Names

Want an original call for your doggy Try those thirteen specific canine names Corbin crow Jolie quite Mael approach prince suggested ma 720 i 815 l Ma euml lys approach princess said mah el EES Manet French painter Mont Blanc maximum mountain in the Alps Moscato white grape used for wine Pogba French soccer player Pompidou top minister as well as president of France Soiree birthday party Theirry metropolis in northern France Vuitton Yannick French tennis player Sweet French Dog Names

These 18 candy names are best for candy pups Beignet Bonbon Brioche Chouquette Coco Cr egrave me br ucirc l egrave e Crepe Croissant Eacute clair Ganache wealthy sauce fabricated from chocolate and cream Macaron merengue based totally sweet Madeleine shell formed cake Mousse Nougatine confectionary made from carmelized sugar Parfait Praline Savarin leavened cake Souffle

gollykim via iStock Top French BullDog Names

French Bulldogs are actually the maximum famous dog breed within the United States Here are 24 of the pinnacle French Bulldog names Bear Brownie Buddy Luna Louie Lola Milo Bruno Mochi Muffin Rocky Taco Lily Waffles Nala Zoe Lulu Rocco Stitch Gus Bentley Lilo Gizmo Biggie French Dog Names From A Z

There are strict rules for naming pedigree dogs in France Each yr gets a letter and pet dad and mom have to supply their puppies names beginning with that letter

The machine commenced in 1926 as a manner to determine a canine s age by using its registered call Over time the letters K Q W X Y as well as Z have been eliminated because very few French names start with those letters This means each 20 years the alphabet starts over

V is the unique letter for 2024 as well as in 2025 the alphabet will start once more with A Here are some guidelines for this year as well as past V Velu hairy Victor Violette Valentin electricity and fitness Voltaire A Alice Amour love Anastasia Aim eacute e B Beatrice Bijou Brun brown Burgundy C Chevy Colette Cayenne warm spice Cerise cherry D Darcy darkish one Dijon capitol of Burgundy famous for its mustard Duval Doree golden E Eiffel Eacute liane daughter of the solar Elodie Eacute toile big name said ey twal Esme loved F Faye loyal Fille lady Fondue Francine Fromage cheese G Gabriel Georgette Gigi Giles Gruyere H Harbin Hercule Hilaire happy Hubert I Ian Itou Ivette yew Iva J Jambon ham Jardin garden Jean Joujoux toys L Lancelot Lapin rabbit Larue Lucien M Marcel Mardi Tuesday Maxime Mie crumb N Nadine Neville Nord north Nouveau new Nuit night O Obert Odette Ophelie suggested o fill ee Orleans golden P Percival Piaf French singer Pompidou Pleasance R Racquel Reynard Rosalie Rouge Rupert brilliant reputation S Simone Solange dignified the name of Beyonce s younger sister Suzette Suzanne Sylvain Chomlafel French soccer famous person T Taquin playful Tasse cup said tas Great for a tiny doggy Timoth eacute e American French actor Chalamet Theodore Troy U Ubert Ucien French actor Ulrich Umberto Urbaine Did You Know In France all dogs must be microchipped as well as registered with a country wide database France makes use of the only letter per yr machine for naming Several international locations along with Switzerland Austria and Philippines use a one letter according to clutter rule This approach a dog s first litter can have names starting with A the second one muddle can have names beginning with B and so on The Beauceron is a herding as well as shield canine of northern France named for the Beauce place The United States has no naming policies however many Beauceron breeders follow the French naming convention The American Kennel Club limits canine names to 50 characters and names are difficulty to AKC approval Rover Knows Pet Names

As pet enthusiasts via as well as via Rover has the news on what human beings are naming their pets We have a passion for all matters pet as well as we like supporting pet parents pick their canine s ideal name For over a decade we have gathered pet names from Rover s database of thousands and thousands of pets The names you find here aren t randomly generated We maintain our lists up to date to match the developments within as well as from our personal puppy determine community More Dog Names Black as well as White Dog Names Romantic Dog Names Cool Dog Names Foodie Dog Names Small Dog Names

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