What s the Best Dog Food for a Chihuahua?

This evaluate carries associate links Read greater right here Not a substitute for professional veterinary help The necessary lap canine the Chihuahua is a toy breed acknowledged for fierce loyalty and a large canine personality In addition to patient schooling Chihuahuas require a balanced weight loss program to live at their quality but with all the options on the market it is able to be tough to understand what to feed

Though most dogs want comparable vitamins in comparable ratios there are some suitable motives to take a breed precise method in relation to Chihuahuas First they have a whole lot quicker metabolisms than big breed dogs because of this they advantage from calorie dense small breed meals supplied several times per day

Palatability is a priority considering that Chihuahuas may be choosy eaters Dry food offers tartar control to a breed prone to dental troubles but it is not continually a Chi s first choice so a extra appealing moist or fresh food can be supplemented with dry food or dental chews and treats

We ve reviewed some of the pinnacle Chihuahua meals in the marketplace in quite a number patterns changing all vitamins to a dry matter basis so you can evaluate throughout recipes with exclusive moisture contents Remember earlier than you switch ingredients provide your vet a call to make sure the weight loss program you choose is a great choice to your unique Chi s health needs Table of ContentsPuppies Seniors Picky Eaters Dental Health Allergies Skin Coat Digestion Weight Management Budget How We Chose Further Reading Our picksBest for Chihuahua PuppiesPurina Pro Plan DevelopmentRead our reviewBest for Senior ChihuahuasEukanuba Small Breed SeniorRead our reviewBest for Picky EatersBil Jac Picky No More Small BreedRead our reviewBest for Dental HealthRoyal Canin Veterinary DietRead our reviewBest for Food AllergiesNatural Balance Limited Ingredient Read our reviewBest for Skin Coat HealthNulo MedalSeries Small Breed All Life StagesRead our reviewBest for DigestionHill s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach SkinRead our reviewBest for Weight ManagementPurina Pro Plan Small Breed Weight ManagementRead our reviewBest ValueNature s Recipe Small Bites Chicken Barley Brown Rice RecipeRead our overview Best for Chihuahua Puppies Purina Pro Plan Development Toy Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food Purina Pro Plan Development Toy Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

To assist the health of growing dogs this tiny breed dog food method is enriched with the AAFCO recommended stages of protein carbs and fiber Shop on PetsmartShop on Chewy

Puppies need a distinctive ratio of vitamins than grownup dogs and Chihuahua dogs specifically need special consideration Chi mother and father with dogs will want to look at for hypoglycemia which could arise while younger Chihuahuas don t get sufficient calories to keep wholesome mind function Chihuahua dogs also have trouble regulating their frame temperature so a nutrient and calorie dense weight loss program is suggested with 4 to 6 feedings consistent with day

Made with exquisite animal protein this Purina Pro Plan domestic dog food recipe for tiny dogs greater than meets your Chihuahua doggy s necessities for protein fats and calories to preserve wholesome boom and improvement

At 533 kcal in keeping with cup this chook and rice formula is high in energy because it should be to assist increase Plus the small sized bites help make it less difficult for dogs to chunk

Key Nutrients 533 kcal cup Protein 38 6 Fat 22 7 Crude Fiber three 4 Best for Senior Chihuahuas Eukanuba Small Breed Senior Dry Dog Food Eukanuba Small Breed Senior Dry Dog Food Chicken

The components in this small breed senior dog meals recipe consist of top class animal protein grains and added nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin to aid your Chihuahua s joint health Shop on ChewyShop on PetSmart

As Chihuahuas age they become especially vulnerable to knee and joint injuries including patellar luxation That s why many dog meals for seniors like this Eukanuba one incorporate glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate ingredients that could help assist a dog s joint health

Formulated for dogs over 7 years of age and underneath 23 kilos this senior canine food capabilities chook as its essential aspect grains like wheat corn and sorghum and a wide range of nutrients and minerals to fulfill AAFCO requirements Another advantage this food gives its crunchy texture and precise S form can assist reduce dental plaque buildup any other fitness difficulty that Chihuahuas may be at risk of

Key Nutrients 387 kcal cup Protein 32 2 Fat 18 9 Crude Fiber 4 1 Best for Picky Eaters Bil Jac Picky No More Small Breed Chicken Liver Recipe Dry Dog Food Bil Jac Picky No More Small Breed Chicken Liver Recipe Dry Dog Food

For picky eaters this small breed dry food boasts fowl liver among its ingredients to assist tempt Chihuahuas to lick their bowls clean and keep away from the results of low blood sugar Shop on ChewyShop on Amazon

Because in their excessive metabolisms Chihuahuas might also need to consume frequently to stave off hypoglycemia low blood sugar So in case your Chi tends to skip or pick out at their food you can want to remember this Bil Jac Picky No More recipe in your pet

This components for choosy eaters consists of chook liver a nutritious treat many puppies love and boasts a smaller kibble length that is easy for smaller breeds to consume To ensure it provides the AAFCO recommended nutrients levels this dry meals also includes wholesome substances like hen oatmeal and flaxseed as well as probiotics to assist assist your canine s digestive and immune fitness

Key Nutrients 397 kcal cup Protein 28 9 Fat 16 7 Crude Fiber 4 4 Best for Dental Health Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Adult Dental Small Breed Dry Dog Food Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Adult Dental Small Breed Dry Dog Food

This small breed formula features uniquely shaped and sized kibble pieces to assist get rid of dental tartar and plaque buildup while your canine chows down Shop on ChewyShop on PetSmart

Because Chihuahuas are at risk of mouth overcrowding and plaque buildup a dry canine food that enables keep their teeth and gums healthful and gives them with all the encouraged vitamins they want may be a extremely good alternative This Royal Canin Veterinary Diet adult dental small breed meals definitely suits that bill

Developed for dogs underneath 22 kilos who are predisposed to dental tartar and plaque buildup this formulation includes uniquely formed and sized bites to assist create a brushing impact even as they chunk it The added calcium and phosphorus within the dog food also assist assist dental health

Key Nutrients 329 kcal cup Protein 22 2 Fat 16 7 Crude Fiber five Three Best for Food Allergies Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Lamb Brown Rice Small Breed Bites Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Lamb Brown Rice Small Breed Bites

For allergic reaction prone dogs Natural Balance s confined ingredient line gives bird free dry food alternatives which might be especially formulated for small breeds like Chihuahuas Shop on ChewyShop on Petco

Have a Chihuahua with a food allergy If you are searching out dog meals that does not contain fowl or different substances that can aggravate your pet s allergic reactions Natural Balance s restrained element line is a super place to begin

The logo makes small breed sized kibble offering lamb red meat and different opportunity protein sources along a constrained wide variety of different elements Grain unfastened alternatives like this salmon and sweet potato recipe also are to be had for Chihuahuas who are allergic to grains or whose vets advocate them to be on a grain free weight loss plan

Key Nutrients for the lamb alternative 370 kcal cup Protein 24 Four Fat thirteen Three Crude Fiber 4 4 Best for Skin Coat Health Nulo MedalSeries Small Breed All Life Stages Dry Dog Food Nulo MedalSeries Small Breed All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

This small breed dog meals method functions fatty acid rich deboned salmon as its fundamental factor and not using a corn wheat soy or artificial substances protected Shop on Petsmart

Made with 77 remarkable animal elements this small breed canine meals recipe is formulated with fatty acids to help keep your canine s pores and skin and coat looking healthful It boasts deboned salmon as its foremost aspect and incorporates haddock and redfish all wonderful assets of omega three fatty acids which studies has proven can also improve dog pores and skin and hair

Calorie dense this meals also includes a wide variety of dried end result berries and vegetables to provide an antioxidant improve and lots of nutritious carbs from grains like oats barley and millet for energy

Key Nutrients 427 kcal cup Protein 31 1 Fat 17 8 Crude Fiber 5 Best for Digestion Hill s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Skin Hill s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult Small Mini Breeds Sensitive Stomach Skin

For a dog meals this is mild on a Chihuahua s stomach appearance no further than this touchy stomach and pores and skin formulation for small and toy breeds Shop on AmazonShop on Chewy

Have a Chihuahua that s susceptible to digestive issues like diarrhea or an disappointed belly This Hill s Science Diet kibble is formulated to be without difficulty digestible and may assist ease your canine s tummy problems Designed for small and toy breeds it consists of prebiotic fiber too

The introduced omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin E in this dry food can even resource to your dog s skin and coat fitness

Key Nutrients 392 kcal cup Protein 23 3 Fat thirteen 3 Crude Fiber four 4 Best for Weight Management Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Weight Management Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken Rice Formula Small Breed Weight Management Dry Dog Food

For obese Chihuahuas who want to keep the pounds off this chicken and rice meals is formulated to assist puppies manage their weight whilst making sure they get hold of the vitamins they want Shop on PetcoShop on Chewy

If your vet has advocated which you assist your dog shed pounds a better protein canine food like this Purina Pro Plan one for small breeds can help an overweight or overweight Chihuahua lose or control their weight Rather than lowering the general quantity of food your dog eats that could cause malnutrition and lack of lean muscle groups this system permits your puppy to devour the identical amount they previously did even as reducing average energy with a higher protein and decrease fats percentage

Key Nutrients 346 kcal cup Protein 34 1 Fat 15 9 Crude Fiber 5 1 Best Value Nature s Recipe Small Bites Chicken Barley Brown Rice Recipe Nature s Recipe Small Bites Chicken Barley Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Designed for small breeds this canine meals recipe includes a number of healthful ingredients along with bird turkey meal brewers rice oatmeal and barley Shop on ChewyShop on Amazon

Expensive canine meals isn t higher on your canine If you re on a restricted budget however nevertheless need to feed your Chihuahua nice dog meals this Nature s Recipe formulation is a extraordinary choice Priced at much less than 2 consistent with pound for a 12 pound bag the cost in line with meal is a number of the lowest you ll discover for a kibble that does not skimp on quality elements Chicken is the principle element on this nutritious recipe that still consists of healthful grains like rice barley and oatmeal in addition to brought nutrients and minerals

Key Nutrients 342 kcal cup Protein 24 Four Fat 13 Three Crude Fiber four Four

With right care you can experience your Chihuahua s company for 15 years or extra Adjusting your Chihuahua s weight reduction plan through their existence is important for maintaining them healthy and it does not have to be complicated Take what you ve got found out right here to select the excellent dog food to your Chihuahua

To analyze extra approximately Chihuahuas watch our video with breed records and statistics underneath How We Chose

The merchandise featured here had been selected primarily based on a combination of our personal arms on trying out a comprehensive study client reviews throughout a wide variety of retail systems and interviews with veterinary experts We re additionally guided by the experience of residing and playing alongside our very own a lot loved and strongly opinionated pets who are by no means stingy with their feedback Further Reading Chihuahua Puppies Everything You Need to Know How To Buy the Right Dog Treats for Your Pup What Should I Feed My Dog A Guide to the Basics of Dog Nutrition

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