Do Dragonflies Really Eat Mosquitoes? How Many? Today

Dragonflies are the maximum beautiful creatures on earth They are bugs that fly around in numerous places commonly in tropical climates Very few exist in different areas Unfortunately weather exchange and human destruction have threatened the dragonfly population especially in wetlands These colorful creatures are beneficial to the surroundings they ll take away horrid pests like mosquitoes So the question stays do dragonflies absolutely consume mosquitoes Let s discover Do Dragonflies Eat Mosquitoes There are around five 000 species of dragonflies all through the arena

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The simple answer is sure But allow s get a bit extra certain Dragonflies are carnivorous bugs They eat a myriad of things inclusive of mosquitoes

What else do they eat Dragonflies additionally devour flies bees butterflies and lots of other smaller insects that they are able to trap after they re roaming around How Many Dragonflies have been around for about 300 million years making them a number of the oldest insects in the world

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Dragonflies normally devour among 30 to masses of mosquitoes each day This is perfect when you have a pond or water characteristic for your backyard which attracts mosquitoes During summer whilst mosquitoes are at their strongest having flora that attract dragonflies will ensure that mosquitoes are nearly nonexistent How to Attract Dragonflies To Your YardDragonflies are available many colours particularly green and blue

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So you may have a water characteristic or a pond in your backyard to draw dragonflies however the ones additionally attract mosquitoes So what do you do Besides that pond or different water source you can also plant plants or flora that appeal to dragonflies By doing this you ll have dragonflies flying from all over

Make positive you plant this plants near the water source This manner dragonflies can be capable of fly to these pollinating flora or flora They may also be close to the water supply to eat the mosquitos gnats and other bugs that could be interested in the water supply as well Black Eyed SusanSwamp MilkweedMeadow sageAsterAsiatic LilyWater LilyPickerelweedBorageBearded IrisPink Muhly GrassCommon CattailConclusion

And there you have it dragonflies devour between 30 and loads of mosquitoes every single day It s critical to have your backyard with vegetation and vegetation so as to appeal to dragonflies This manner they will devour up the mosquitoes and they won t cross humming around to annoy you Next time you have a lawn celebration on your backyard thank the dragonflies for ingesting those horrid mosquitoes

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