12 tips for solo travel as a woman

12 tips for solo travel as a woman

Traveling alone as a woman is a controversial concept for me. When I first started planning a solo trip, many of my friends and family told me many reasons why I shouldn't do it, after hearing many things, I started to think, ask if it was a good idea. But I'm glad I did. After all, just traveling can change us forever. I'm sure many women who are traveling alone get similar responses from friends and family. But research shows that solo female travel is more popular than ever. More than 70% of American women report traveling alone, and Google searches for “female solo travel” increased 230% in 2019, before COVID became a concern.


Travel agencies report that up to 80% of their solo travelers are women, and the number of Pinterest boards related to solo female travel has more than tripled in recent years. Why is traveling alone as a woman worthwhile?

So, what is it about solo travel that appeals to so many women? I'm sure if you're reading this article you have your own answer, but according to the 2021 traveler survey, there are three main reasons people gave for wanting to go solo. I find that I can relate to these things.


Example why women like solo travelling

1. They like to do what they want, when they want to do it

When I travel, I am often drawn to places off the beaten path. I enjoy a few visits. There's a reason these places are popular, after all. But I also like going to small cultural events and eating where the locals eat. I like to stay in one place for a while, long enough to get a good feel for the local culture. I don't want to plan every minute of every day.


 2. Only travel gives them a sense of freedom and independence

Before I quit my day job and started traveling full time, I was very uncomfortable. I feel stuck in my job and my everyday life is boring. Since I started traveling alone, I feel more empowered, self-reliant and independent than ever. As a result, my confidence increased a lot. This trip alone was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Ever since the days when all my friends and family told me it wasn't a good idea to travel alone as a woman, I've been traveling a lot and learning a lot along the way.


I think every woman should travel alone at least once in her life, I have some tips that I think will help you on your first trip.

Tips for traveling alone as a woman

Stay in a hostel or volunteer

1.  The atmosphere in hostels is often social, making them the perfect place to meet other solo female travelers, learn about local activities, and help alleviate any loneliness you may be feeling.


Did you know that you can stay in hostels for free while volunteering abroad? Worldpackers is the safest community to travel and volunteer. Through their platform, you can connect with thousands of welcome visitors around the world. But there are other types of services than hostels. If you like animals and projects, you can dedicate yourself to agriculture, environmental or permaculture projects. You can also get involved in social impact projects, through volunteering in communities, schools or NGOs in exotic locations around the world.


2. Fireworks

Besides the fact that you have to carry all your things yourself, you are more likely to lose things if there is little to do.


In addition, you can use a backpack instead of a cloth bag so that you can come and go quickly.

3. Be prepared

This advice is twofold. Yes, you need to prepare for your trip by organizing your luggage, having all the necessary documents, etc. But you should also be mentally prepared in case something goes wrong. Have a plan to deal with potential bad situations, such as being robbed or lost.


4. Give yourself time to adjust when you arrive in a new place

Especially if you're traveling across time zones, it's important to give your body time to recover when you reach your destination.


A friend of mine recently traveled alone. He flew from the United States to Dublin overnight, then took a 2-hour bus ride to his destination. Since he was very tired, he fell into the bus, and he did not stop it. When he woke up and didn't know where he was, he was scared.


Traveling is tiring and it's hard to stay calm and deal with small problems when you haven't had enough rest, so don't make big plans for your first day in a new place.

5. Connect with other women solo travelers

There are many great social media sites for women who like to go solo. It's a great place to connect with like-minded people, whether you're looking for advice, ideas, or even someone to meet while traveling.


If you are traveling as a volunteer with Worldpackers, you will likely meet other solo travelers, including women who are participating in the project. It's a great way to make new friends and learn from other people's experiences.


6. Explore local culture

It is important to know the background of the culture and history of a place before visiting it. We all need to respect the local culture of our destination, and to do that, you must first understand the local culture, at least to some extent. Should you help? If yes how many? Is it normal or considered bad to associate with salespeople? Do you expect, especially as a woman, to dress in a certain way? All of these questions should be answered before you arrive.


7. Bring a newspaper


walking alone as a woman

Keeping a travel journal is a wonderful way to preserve your memories. It will give you something to do on long car, plane, and train rides, and it's a great place to jot down important addresses, phone numbers, and other reminders during your trip. I still like pocketed journals to keep ticket stubs, postcards and other little mementos I collect while traveling.


8. Talk to the villagers

Local people are very knowledgeable. They can tell you good places to go alone and restaurants worth visiting. Talk to the people who work at your hostel, your guests (if you're changing jobs), the vendors, and the people you sit next to on the bus. You never know what they will share with you!


ten. Don't share too much

Yes, talk to locals and make new friends during your travels. However, when traveling alone as a woman, it is important to stay safe.

9.Don't tell strangers where you live. Always listen to your instincts when deciding what to share with the people you meet. If someone asks a lot of questions and makes you feel uncomfortable, remember that you don't owe them anything about yourself.


You should also not post any of your moves on social media. You'll have time to share Insta-worthy photos when you get home or leave somewhere.


10. Wear a wedding ring

I learned this advice from other women who like to travel alone. Buy an inexpensive ring that can double as a wedding ring before you leave home. This helps avoid any unwanted attention from men.


It's disgusting that we as women are forced to think about things like this, but it helps. Do not buy anything shiny, otherwise you will attract the attention of thieves.


11. Know your surroundings

Always be aware of your surroundings. See that people are walking behind you. If you can, learn a little of the local language before you go so you can understand what is being said nearby. Be aware of local events and weather forecasts that may affect your safety. Speaking of safety, get 10% off Pax Assistance international travel insurance by clicking here! Approved Worldpackers members with package deals get even more: a 20% discount on Pax Assistance international travel insurance! *Eligible for all countries, except US and Canadian citizens. If you are a US or Canadian citizen, we support World Nomads.

12. Turn on your phone

Put down your device and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of this new shared space. Watch how people interact. You are my. You will be glad you did when you get home.

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