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Finding a job in the UK: a guide for foreigners

The UK continues to be a popular destination for job seekers around the world, with approximately 331,233 work-related visas granted in the year ending June 2022. Boasting the globe’s fifth largest economy and an unemployment rate of 3.7% in November 2022, the UK remains an important hub for businesses, while continuing to offer a robust labour market.

 However, finding work in the UK for foreigners can still be challenging, with many different resources of information available, they can sometimes make the process confusing. That’s why, at World Remit, we have put together this helpful guide about how to get a job in the UK.

 From the types of visas, to the steps involved in the application process, we will help to make sure that the process of finding a job in the UK is as easy as possible. So, whether you’re an international graduate wanting to kick-start your career, or an experienced professional looking for an exciting new challenge abroad, allow us to explain exactly how to get a job in the UK.


Overview of the job market in the UK

Despite the UK offering diverse job sectors, decent employment opportunities, and a pool of highly-skilled workers, it still suffers from a skills shortage in several different industries. This presents those looking for work in the UK with plenty of opportunities to land a dream role and secure stable employment.

 While the competition for many jobs remains high, with the right experience, language skills, qualifications and professional attributes, you will find that finding a job in the UK is more than achievable. Home to large cities, such as London, Birmingham, and Manchester, which host some of the world’s leading employers, there are a plethora of sectors that you can target.

 As of March 2022, the major industrial sectors in the UK in terms of jobs include:

·       Retail and wholesale

·       Health and social care

·       Professional and technical

·       Admin and support

·       Education

·       Manufacturing

·       Accommodation and food

·       Construction

 As you can see, the UK’s economy is largely dominated by services industries. Within these sectors, there are a lot of large-scale companies that take up the majority market share. But, in the UK public sector, organisations still tend to be some of the biggest national employers.

 As we mentioned earlier, there are some sectors that are currently experiencing skills shortages, which offer a great opportunity for overseas workers. If you want to improve your chances of gaining employment and have the right skills at your disposal, then the following sectors may be worth close consideration:

 Health service staff Care workers Chemical, physical and biological scientists Civil engineers Mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers IT business analysts, architects and systems designers Architects Veterinarians This by no means suggests you’ll struggle to gain employment in other sectors. Keep reading to find out more details about how to get a job in the UK – no matter your area of expertise.

The job market in the UK boasts diverse sectors and promising employment prospects alongside a pool of highly skilled professionals. Despite this, various industries still grapple with a shortage of specific skills. This presents ample opportunities for job seekers aiming to secure fulfilling roles and stable employment within the UK.

While competition remains fierce in many fields, possessing the right blend of experience, language proficiency, qualifications, and professional attributes can make finding a job in the UK an attainable goal. Major cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester house global employers across a myriad of sectors, offering a wide array of opportunities for prospective job hunters.

As of March 2022, prominent industrial sectors in the UK with significant job opportunities encompass:

·         Retail and wholesale

·         Health and social care

·         Professional and technical services

·         Administration and support

·         Education

·         Manufacturing

·         Accommodation and food services

·         Construction

The UK's economy predominantly thrives on service industries, with numerous large-scale corporations holding substantial market shares. Meanwhile, the public sector remains a major employer on a national scale.

Certain sectors currently face skill shortages, presenting a golden opportunity for overseas workers possessing the requisite skills. If you're keen on enhancing your employment prospects, sectors such as health services, care work, scientific fields (chemical, physical, biological), civil and mechanical engineering, IT analysis and design, architecture, and veterinary services merit careful consideration.

However, this doesn't imply limited job prospects in other sectors. Continue exploring for insights into securing a job in the UK, regardless of your field of expertise.

jOb website

     i.        Adecco

    ii.        Adzuna

  iii.        Careerbuilder

  iv.        CV Library

   v.        Everyjobsite

  vi.        Gumtree

vii.        Indeed

viii.        Jobsite

  ix.        Monster

   x.        Reed

  xi.        Totaljobs


There are more specialized websites available depending on the specific field you aim to concentrate on.

§  Focused on opportunities within Charitable organizations.

§  Computer Caterer - Specializing in Hospitality and Catering roles.

§  Charityjob Weekly - Centered around IT positions.

§  Design Week - Specializing in Design and Graphics careers.

§  Hays - Offering Management job opportunities.

§  Justengineers - Dedicated to Engineering roles.

§  Madjobs - Catering to Marketing and Advertising professions.

§  NHSjobs - Specialized for positions within the National Health Service.

§  Prospects - Tailored for Graduates seeking opportunities.


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