What medical condition stops you from travel

 Check List for Travelling with Medical Conditions

What medical condition stops you from travel

Many hidden dangers surround the world of air travel. With research outlining the various risks associated with flying, some travelers are afraid of flying, especially if they have preexisting medical conditions or are simply unaware of the medical conditions they should not fly. Many factors, changes in air pressure, lack of medical assistance on board or lack of medical equipment, can lead to medical emergencies in airplanes or for some can prevent them from flying. Therefore, in many cases, airlines refuse to accept passengers whose health conditions are uncertain.

article will look at the different risks of a patient traveling for business purposes and the reasons that would prohibit them from boarding the plane. In case of urgent travel aircraft, air ambulances are an alternative to commercial aircraft. These are designed specifically for patient transportation, which means they are safe even for patients with medical conditions.

 The dangers of commercial aviation: what are the risks to your health?

 Whether you are planning to travel for vacation, for business travel, to visit relatives or to seek treatment abroad (medical travel), it is important to be aware of the risks associated with worship.

Although flying may seem like a normal, and tiring, task for healthy travelers, people with compromised immune systems should be careful not to re-injure their bodies. This applies to travelers with existing medical conditions, infants and toddlers, pregnant women or even the elderly.

What are some of the dangers of commercial air travel?

Here are some of the most popular examples of commercial airlines:
• Ear damage (ear barotraumas or ruptured eardrum)
• Disruption of physical clocks caused by time and other differences between the two countries
• Dehydration: the result of exposure to high humidity in airplanes
• Increased risk of blood clots (deep vein thrombosis - DVT) from sitting for long periods of time in a cramped position.
• Stress and anxiety
• Emotional changes
• Depression: due to the feeling of isolation caused by long journeys and being away from loved ones
• General feeling of restlessness and discomfort
• Increased incidence of infectious diseases such as influenza
• travel fatigue causes loss of concentration
• Diseases that can be caused by bacteria and viruses

Who should not travel by plane? Illnesses that prevent you from boarding a plane

A change in atmospheric pressure means that oxygen enters the body, causing the air in the body to expand. Although this is generally not a problem for medical travelers, it can worsen the health of patients with certain medical conditions. Knowing this, an airline may refuse to carry a passenger with a medical condition that may worsen the flight.
What illness can prevent you from boarding a plane? 

 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
• Recent stroke
• Infectious diseases, such as chicken pox, flu or even COVID-19
• Recent work
• Pregnancy for more than 28 weeks
• Angina (heart pain at rest)
• Depression syndrome (also called bends)
• intracranial pressure (from bleeding, injury or disease)
• Ear infections
• Recent heart attack
• A recent injury caused by the presence of air or gas trapped in the body
• Long-term mental illness or mental illness
• Shortness of breath and relaxation
• Diseases requiring supplemental oxygen
• Untreated pneumothorax (ruptured lung)
• Sickle cell disease

Medical aviation: an alternative to commercial aviation

What if you have one of the medical conditions mentioned above and need to travel? What if the risks involved in boarding a commercial flight are too great because of your medical condition?


The solution for your problem will be a medical aircraft. These are another airplane option that provides patients to continue without concern for healthy health. In fact, the purpose of air ambulance service providers, such as Medical Air Service, is to transport patients from one place to another while ensuring their safety.

 Benefits offered by air health workers

Air medical services offer many benefits to patients who cannot board a commercial flight. Some of them are:

• Global service: we can fly from anywhere in the world, even remote locations

• Our flights can arrive/depart from airports that are not served by commercial airlines, reducing the need for car travel.  We have aviation experts who will advise you on the best airline options for you based on your situation.

 The price of the air ambulance is adjusted according to your needs so as to avoid any additional charges. • We offer courier services that include pick up at your home and pick up at the airport and more.

 Air ambulances provide more privacy

• Departure date can be arranged according to your preference

• We can fly on the ocean, which means we can control the pressure of the house to be like the pressure on the ocean

• We have a separate COVID-19 module that allows us to transport even patients who have tested positive for the corona virus.

  Baby incubators allow safe travel even for babies


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