Top 5 country to visit for vacation

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Top 5  country to visit for vacation

·       Brazil

·       Lebanon

·       Mozambique

·       Turkey

·       thailand


Headaches are never an easy thing to overcome, but if you're looking to put all your problems behind you, traveling is by far the most rewarding way to do it. But what if you have no idea where to go? Fear not, the following are my top five destinations (in no particular order) that are great for getting over an ex and may even help you get back on track.

1 brazel

15 Brazil Highlights – The BEST things to do in Brazil

 Chances are, who wouldn't want to travel to Brazil? Occupying half of South America, Brazil is big, loud and beautiful. Famous for samba, football and carnival, it is a place where you can forget all your worries and lose yourself in the festive spirit that stretches along 8,000 km of the Atlantic Coast.
Whether you stay
 for a week or a year, there is no shortage of things to do in Brazil. From the urban centers of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and the Carioca region with its natural beauty of IguaƧu Falls and the Amazon rainforest to more beach resorts than you can find caipirinhas - i.e. Buzios, Florianopolis, Itacare and Jericoacoara - Brazil really does. have it all.
 this funny Youtube video you can see that even Arnold Schwarzenegger has a high opinion of Brazil. Of course, hairstyles have changed since the governors distributed in Rio de Janeiro several decades ago, but the party in Brazil has not changed at all.


2. Lebanon

 The Best Places to Visit in Lebanon for First-Timers (+ Budget Travel  Tips!) - Passport & Plates

Often portrayed as a place of endless war by the media, Lebanon might not seem like the obvious destination after a break up. Yet, consisting of beautiful Mediterranean coastline, picturesque snowcapped mountains, and nightlife in Beirut and Jounieh that will give New York City a run for its money, this country is my favorite in the Middle East and an excellent place to go to after you call it quits.

Indulge in the rich hummus and Lebanese cuisine…then go and party until the early hours at one of the many Super Nightclubs before washing away your hangover on top of skis in the picturesque snowcapped mountains to the east of Beirut. I can assure you that you certainly won’t feel like the third-wheel here.

3. Mozambique


Everyone should have the opportunity to visit Africa at least once in their lifetime, and if you want to escape the world, go to Mozambique. Located on the southeast coast of the country, more than 9,500 km of pristine coastline and the opportunity to swim with whale sharks and manta rays on the island of Buzaruto will erase all your previous thoughts. One of the rising stars of Africa, Mozambique is also the best place for uninhabited parks, with huge wildlife. In addition, when you think you need to do something and the time to think is over, go to Maputo and immerse yourself in the capital's jazz club and buzzing nightlife.4. Turkey


There can be no better place in the world to 
cleanse and purify your soul than in Turkey... Istanbul in particular. Located at the junction of Asia and Europe, Istanbul has an incomparable beauty and grandeur. it is a place of spiritual journey and time of reflection. Visit one of the many beautiful mosques in and around Istanbul; special Turkish food samples; go to the market and interact with the customers. If you have the time, visiting the mountains in Turkey will give you the opportunity to learn to understand the culture of the mountain people while admiring the snowy mountains that rise to more than10,000 feet. The journeys in this part of the world will test your endurance, and soon the thoughts of the past will be removed.5. Thailand

What awaits travelers in Thailand is a land of happiness, deep culture, incredible history and incredible natural beauty. Thailand will give you such a good time that you will soon forget what you left behind. Forget your worries and frustrations when you take a long boat ride along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Visit one of the many traditional Thai restaurants for a delicious meal of Pad Thai. If you're in Bangkok in April, take part in the Songkran Water Festival, a festival that coincides with the Thai New Year. Join thousands of people on the streets of Bangkok in an epic water fight. My passport is still wet from this event!
There you have 
it… the five best countries to visit and all you have to do is choose the destination of your choice, book the ticket and board the plane. Before you go, be sure to browse my website,, for the latest information on entry and visa requirements for all of the countries above.



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