Reasons to Move to Canada: By an Expat & Citizen - Canada Crossroads

                1  Economy

                2  Health

3  Education

4  Culture

5  Scenery 

6  Wildlife

7    Food

1  Economy;
Canada's fast-growing, open economy offers unlimited opportunity and potential. As one of the richest countries, Canada also offers the highest standard of living while lowering taxes and strengthening its economy with a 2.3% increase. Canadians are also able to keep an increasing share of their annual income, with the average annual income being about $40,000. The economy continues to grow with the lowest unemployment rate since 1976 (6.8%) and hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created each year. Economic facts and figures, money in Canada are really interesting. They use colours paper money, one dollar coins (Loonies) and two dollar coins (Toniest).


2 Health; Canadians view health care as an important rightThat's why free health care is an important part of what makes Canada great. Although the process may be slow, the quality of health care is one of the best in the world and everyone can get the health care they need. You don't have to worry about the cost of treatment regardless of the health problem you are facing. Access to welfare programs and affordable housing also contributes to the welfare and health of a nation that cares for its people.
 addition to free health care, there is a health consciousness that can be found in traditions such as Wednesday yoga classes on the capital's lawn. Every Wednesday during the summer, yoga enthusiasts can participate in this tradition of hour-long yoga classes that hold up to 2,500 people at a time with an average of 1,000 participants per class.

3 Education; Canada invests more in the education of its citizens than any other country. Primary and secondary education is free, as is post-secondary education. Canadian colleges and universities are recognized for their reputation around the world. Canada is also the most educated country in the world with the highest percentage of university graduates at 51% (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development World Education Report).

4  Culture; Canada is a multicultural country with many ethnicities... and we are proud of it! Many traditions have been adopted in Canada as national policy. For example, Canada has recognized dual citizenship, it supports media such as newspapers, etc. in different languages ​​(Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.), it supports minority representation in the labor market and education and provides support and assistance for newcomers. in Canada (translation services, immigration advice, etc.). Canada is a multicultural country and has a multicultural policy. Some examples of this policy include the presence of media (such as newspapers) in multiple languages, including Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, etc. Canada also encourages immigrants and minorities to maintain their culture and represent their country in education and the labor market. They offer translation services and immigration advice to help newcomers. Canada is a wonderful example for the world as a leader of cultural societies, tolerant, peaceful and safe. They legalized homosexual marriage in 2005 (the fourth country to do so) and protected their citizens with the lowest crime rates which continue to decrease thanks to the judicial system, fire laws and weapons control and Local police officers. Because Canada is a large country, its population is relatively small compared to one of the smallest in the world. There are ten provinces and three regions with the motto Ad Mari Usque Ad Mare (From Sea to Sea). There are many open spaces across the mountains and grasslands between British Columbia and the Maritimes with many roads, mixed ethnic areas, unique dialects, and fascinating cultural diversity.

5 Landscape; Canada is known for its beautiful landscapes and uninhabited lands. The view of this untouched and natural environment is impressive and consists of beautiful lakes and rivers. There are
three seas, mountains, plains and some of the most beautiful cities in the world, such as Toronto.


Then there are views of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from places like Yellowknife where the nights are clear, the landscape is flat and the Northern Lights are clearly visible. You can also see the beauty of the huge iceberg from the shore or a cruise ship.


 Iceberg Alley is a famous place where ice from West Greenland's glaciers floats to the surface. There is also one of the strongest lakes in the world where people can walk or paddle in an area where more than 100 billion liters of water flow in and out every day. The Bay of Fundy stretches from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick and the hard water exposes the living things and sometimes rises more than 50 feet. There are places, like Hopewell Rocks, NB, where you can water and the area will be dry by the end of the day. Canada is full of famous tourist attractions and awe-inspiring landscapes that combine to make this country one of the most awe-inspiring places to live or visit in the world. There are small towns such as Balm Beach, Deep River, Niagara and Lake Rapides-des-Joachims.


 There are big famous cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. There are attractions like Thousand Islands and Niagara Falls. And of course there are mountain fires and ice, beautiful bays, mountains and huge icebergs. When it comes to movies, Canada is hard to beat.

 6 Fauna Wildlife is an important part of Canada's identity. When an enthusiast leaves these cities, they will see bears, moose, whales, 462 species of birds and more. Many species of birds are found in Ontario and British Columbia, the most common of which is Canada's national bird.
 the case of whales, one of the most popular sightings is the migration of approximately 20,000 gray whales that swim off the west coast of Vancouver Island into the Bering River where they feed on 'summer time. The gray whale's migration is 16,000 to 22,500 kilometers and can be seen from shore or by boat. There is even an annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival in Tofino Ucluelet in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in mid-March. Then you have orcas (killer whales) that scare and eat belugas, seals and other whales. These animals run, with white and black bodies and go up to 40 kilometers per hour, everyone immediately recognizes the Inside Passage in Alaska or Vancouver Island. If you find yourself in Ontario, a visit to Cochrane will get you as close as possible to swimming with real bears. There is a small pool that sits next to the polar lake and visitors photograph the 740-kilogram polar bear with a thick layer of thick plexiglass that separates everyone from the fear of the giant polar bear.


7 Food; Some of our favorite foods come from Canada, like Hawaiian pizza, which isn't from Hawaii at all. With pineapple, ham and sometimes even mushrooms, Canadian pizzeria Sam Panopoulos of Chatham, Ontario created this pizza in 1962. Then you have Tim Hortons which has expanded to the United States and offers some of the best maple syrup coffee and donuts in the world.


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