How can i got a job in Zambia?


How can i  got a job in Zambia?

Requirements to Obtain Zambia Work Visas

A passport with at least six months of validity remaining and three or blank pagesTwo recent passport photographsA police background check from the applicant's country of residence.


9 different ways to find a job in Zambia

  1. Go Zambia Jobs. is dedicated to listing job advertisements in Zambia.
  2.  Alljobspo Zambia: Is a Jobs Search Engine in Zambia, just like indeed, careerjet etc
  3.  Employer Websites. Are there any employers that you would like to work for? ...
  4.  Social Media. ...
  5.  Networking. ...
  6.  Speculative Applications. ...
  7.  Print Media. ...
  8.  Recruitment Agents. ...
  9.  Freelancing.



job in Zambia


How do I get job requirements?

Here are the most common types of job requirements you may see:

1.    Work experience.

2.    Skills.

3.    Education.

4.    Professional licenses, accreditations and certifications.

5.    Specific knowledge.

6.    Personal traits and attributes.

7.    Languages.

8.    Physical ability.


Which jobs are on demand in Zambia?

Popular jobs to consider in Zambia


Ø  Construction Workers. ...

Ø  Teaching. ...

Ø  Nursing. ...

Ø  Fuel Attendants. ...

Ø  Human Resources and Public Relations Officers.




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